Wear it with Dots


Every Dot is filled with Love

I also could have bought this dress in only black, classic, easy and always a good decision. Buuuuttt dots are much prettier, right? Some kind of cute but on the other way it´s not … Something in between. And this is the reason you have so many Styling options if you have this kind of dress. That´s why I love Polka dots!

Who wants to look cute?

Mhhhh… Looking cute? No thanks. I totally unterstand this cause if we are honest to oureselves this is something that we don´t miss from our childhood, right? So if you don´t want to hear “This is so cuuuttteee” just be aware of the tailoring. This dress is a wrapped one with a nice neckline and some ruffles there and at the bottom.

Accessories Accessories

You are right, I´m not wearing that much accessories on this pics except rings, a necklace and shoes. But maybe this is the most important thing. Don´t overload this dress. The dots are the main actors and if you would wear too many accessories your eyes would be confused 🙂 Less is more.

I´ve chosen wrapped Ballerinas as I´m not the biggest Ballerina Fan but this is an option.

If you want to look more cute just take Ballerinas with a bow maybe? I also tried Sneakers but this looked so weird 😀

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Let me know what you prefer – cute or not?

Wish you a great weekend lovelies,

Jessy xxx