I need new ballerinas – no that´s not what I thougt. Because I´m not a huge fan. But after I´ve seen this kind of strapped shoes at Aquazurra and Chloé I instantly changed my mind.

But it´s all about the price – 600$ for a shoe is definitely too much and you never know how long this trend will exist. I´m not that kind of person who just wear trendy styles. It´s more like:” okay, I´ll buy this shoe but what if peolple will stare at me next year because everybody knows it´s on the never-ever-wear-this-shoe-again-list?”


But if I want something I´ll get it so I found these nice pairs for a good price.


If you have a very special shoe it´s quiete easy to arrange your outfit arround it. Just a jeans and a shirt – done.


Shoes: Oxitaly
Shirt: and other stories
Jeans: JCrew

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