Off Shoulder.


Off Shoulder – I like, no, I LOVE this Trend! I love it so much that I had to buy this off-shoulder Sweater. I found it in an Online Shop and I was in love suddenly. You might not know Adpt. already where the Sweater comes from. This Brand belongs to the Bestseller Group like Vila, Vero Moda and Selected Femme (danish supplier) and is similar to the brand Acne but much cheaper. It´s worth to check several times what´s new. Because it´s part of my job to check this (yes, my real life job) it´s quite easy for me to just press the BUY ME button.

The jumper has a warming inner lining and so I wasn´t cold all day long. Everybody was asking me because of the naked shoulders :-). With the ripped jeans and the ancle boots in light grey the Style looks really clean and not overloaded. The Sweater has to be the main part in this outfit! 😉

Do you like the off-shoulder Trend? Tell me more! 🙂


image3Adpt. Sweater / Zara ripped Jeans / Ash Ancle Boots

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