My Maternity Fashion Life.

From the 5th month until the delivery.

It´s been three month now that our little boy was born after six hours and that I lost my big belly that was growing during ten month.

I had a beautiful pregnancy, went to work until the last day, was a guest at a wedding, did a birthday surprise party one week before his birth. This was no problem for me. I always waited for the day that I am thinking: „It´s enough now, come out of me!“ But I didn´t. As calm as the pregnancy was as quick was the birth. Quick, without pain relievers and naturally. I know I had a lot of luck!

During my pregnancy I often stood in front of my closet (like a lot of other pregnant women I guess) and asking myself „What should I wear today?“. I didn´t want to buy maternity clothes as I only would wear them just for this short period (and mostly I didn´t like them). So I made a check up in my closet and figured out what will fit me with my belly. Also when I bought stuff (especially dresses) I just grabbed in the front and checked if there`s some space left. So in the end I just had to buy two Maternity Shirts and two Maternity dresses. Everything else I wore fits me now,too. Win Win situation, right? J

Here you´ll find my favourite Looks from the 5th month until one day before delivery, sorted chronologically.

You want to know more details about my Looks and get some insights? Leave me a comment below!

Wish you a lovely day!

Sincerely, Jassinka

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