Leather, Silk & Sweat.


Finally we are getting degrees over 20 this week! I´m so excited! I pimped up my summer shoes range and some of my summery styles are also waiting for getting dressed quite soon.

BUT right now we need to wait. In this outfit I´m wearing my beloved leather jacket with a silk shorts and a sweater. It keeps me warm but this look doesn´t seem to be too winterly.

My eyes are looking a little bit tired because I´m having a bad pollen allergy like a lot of others. But hopefully it´s over soon!



Currently I´m in the high season of planning our big After-Wedding-Party for our family and friends in July and I´m soooo excited already. After that I deeply promise to show you more pics of our Carribean Wedding and also of the Party this Summer. I´m holding this pics back to have some surprises left for our Party. But there´s one thing I can tell you and I´m really really proud of it. My husband and I have OUR song for now since 11 years and it´s from the Grammy winners and jamaican band Morgan Heritage. They took this one song and made a song which is very personalized to us and our relationship. Can´t be happier!




Zara leatherjacket / ADPT. Sweater / Zara Shorts / ASH Ancle Boots / Sheinside Bag

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