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Camouflage or stripes? What is the best way? Maybe wearing both together? Why not!

Camouflage is not one of the most popular patterns. Most people associate this kind of pattern with the Army. Nevertheless this print is coming back again and again and again as a jacket, accessories or as I am wearing as a pant. I bought this one over two years ago and grab it every year out of my closet and combine it in different ways. Currently I really love the combination with the stripes shirt – kind of innocent.

As I already wrote in this post Stripes are a huge topic the upcoming season and I´m also not able to resist this pattern anymore. Normally I´m not really into stripes – looking like a little chipmunk ;-). If it´s too fancy like back and forth stripes I like it more less and it seems like I´m getting drunk just be watching at it. That´s whay I chose this simple oversized shirt in cotton.

I really like the mix of both patterns. Conservative meets rebellious – or something like that 🙂

What´s your favourite pattern combination?



Zara Shirt / Zara Leatherjacket / TK Maxx Camouflage Pant / Liebeskind Belt / Urban Outfitters Boots

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