Birthday Wishlist.

Soon will be my birthday and it´s time for special wishes. I´m not pretty sure how you deal with it but for my birthday and for christmas I´m always looking for items that will remind me of the people who were giving me this present. So they are always with me. So on the other hand this presents have to have a good quality as well.

I´m totally into cashmere and silk. It´s so comfy and cozy and poly fabrics weren´t my favourites at all. A watch is timeless and always a good invest. This one is a special one because of the small bracelet so it´s looks more feminine in comparison to other metallic watches. These shoes are just WOW! Perfect copy (in real lether) of the Chloé Susanna boots in a beautiful Bordeaux. I´m so excited what I will finally get – hihi.


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