Belize – My Love.

Caye Caulker Souvenirs

Belize – my Love. I can not describe it in a better way what I´m feeling when I´m thinking about this country. But where is Belize? This beautiful country which isn´t already flooded by tourism is next to Mexico and Guatemala directly at the caribbean sea. Earlier this days it was known as British-Honduras that´s why mostly all of the 330k inhabitants are speaking English.

Six years ago I have been there for the first time and I started to love this country. No shopping malls, no big hotels – back to the roots. Last December we were there again with a huge mission.

Beach Caye Caulker

Beach Caye Caulker Jassinka



These pics are from Caye Caulker. This is medium sized Caye is located in the caribbean sea and have been splitted in 1961 due to a hurricane. On the one side you have the accessible part and on the other side is a bird sanctuary. But Caye Caulker was just a stopover.

Beach San Pedro

San Pedro Relax


After Caye Caulker we directly headed to the biggest Caye – Ambergris Caye. We rented a room in a resort for a few days because of a special reason…


… We got married! Just the two of us and it was the best day of my entire life. Here you´ll see pavillion where we had our ceremony. Because Belize was a british colony all marriages are international accepted. After our wedding the adventure finally started because now I was able to put the wedding dress into the luggage without being afraid of loosing it or destroy it.



Waterfall Jassinka

Quelle Jassinka



Friends of us who are living there made it possible to see this beautiful waterfall. But first we had to go on a huge trailer (first pic) to get into the jungle with a tractor. During that drive we drove through (yes through not over) seven rivers and also needed to get off the trailer otherwise we wouldn´t be able to went on. 🙂

After a slippy and very hot journey through the jungle we finally entered the waterfall and had a very refreshing bath in the water source.

Home Sweet Home


We were living most of the time in Hopkins. We rented the Cabanas from Windschief as you can see in the first pic directly at the sea! We had great dishes, great concerts and the best hosts that we could ever imagine.

Most Belizeans are fishermen. Not as big as you might think, just in an urban way. the people are leaving in the early morning and when they are coming back you might be able to see a sword fish.

Fishing Jassinka

We also did a fishing trip and if might believe or not I had the biggest one (and it was the only one I got too ;-)). After we had all the fishes we needed we went snorkeling. After that we had a great Barbecue (last pic) on a private island where no people were living. Very small but very beatiful!


Underwater Love


These pics are from the barrier reed Shark Ray Alley. This reef is after the Great Barrier Reef the biggest one in the world. You can find turtles, rays, sharks and other nice fishes.

Lonely Island

The next journey to Belize is already planned and I hope one of you would like to go there too. 🙂

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