I’m Jessica, 32 years old, and Founder of Jassinka. My friend in the Kindergarten has given me this name in very young ages and so it belongs to me until now.

I was born near to the Baltic Sea and have lived in Hamburg (Germany) and London (UK) until I finally lost my heart in Berlin. I call it my hometown (second place after my original one ;-)) and I´m living here with my (finally!) husband since 12 years. I have a great job here in a popular Online Fashion Store as a Project Manager Fashion & Styling, I´m surrounded with great friends and also have a small part of my family here. Next to my job I´m also working as a Fashion Stylist and you can book me right here at Zalon (if your are located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, otherwise E-mail me).

Since over 15 years I´m working in the fashion industry and I´m like a walking encyclopedia. It would have been more useful to know that much in medicine ;-). Why shall I not pass on all the things I know. That was the last hint to jassinka.com. I would be more than happy if you will follow me and being part of my little universe.

Sincerely, Jassinka